Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Point of no return poop

The point of no return poop. Until I had heard about it I didn’t poop like a champ, more like a chump. I would have to spend hours sitting at the toilet grunting and groaning trying to squeeze out some nuggets.

The basic concept of the point of no return poop is that you wait until the very last second when you can pretty much feel the poop poking its way out of your bum. I know it isn’t pretty, and it’s risqué, but if all works out it’s well worth it.

When done right, you just sit down on the throne and everything slides out, uneventful and quick. Just a couple plop, plops and you’re done. It isn’t always perfect; sometimes the first couple stones come out good, but the last few kick up a fuss. They dig their claws in and really make you work for it.

Just don’t wait too long.

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